Friday, 21 October 2011

Marching to the Dark Ages

How's that carbon restriction working for you?
How much is the European Empire's EU's energy policy costing their serfs citizens?  Try double (emphasis added):
Average electricity prices for households and businesses would rise “strongly up to 2020-2030” under all scenarios, the document says, and the highest prices would occur after 2030 if renewable sources of power, such as wind and solar, make up a large share of energy production. For example, average prices for households could jump by more than 100 per cent by 2050 if this were the case but only by 43 per cent under a scenario that assumed more nuclear power and carbon capture and storage were used.
The governments of Europe and Britain have a clear choice:

a) Drop this insane "green" fantasy, recognise that cheap energy is the fuel of civilisation and start a proper programme of encouraging private investment in shale gas and nuclear power.

b) Step out into the street so the mob won't have to break down the door to tar and feather you.

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eon said...

Of course, there's always

c. Find somebody else to blame, point at them, yell "it's all his fault!"- and sit back and watch the carnage.

Historically, European governments have been very good at this. Radical movements, like the environmentalists, are even better.

They even don't actually need to start such an auto-da-fe'. Generally, there are always enough malcontents, would-be Messiahs, and general Fruit Loops around that there is never a dearth of such groups to exploit.

The "Occupiers" are, I suspect, the first stage of such a maneuver. You may have noticed that, while they are a self-starting lot of gibbering kookoos with socialistic pretensions, several governments are trying to climb onto their bandwagon.

The still from Korda's "Things to Come" may be an all-too-accurate depiction of what Europe and possibly Britain may look like when they're done. And they will, of course, claim that it was- somebody else's fault. After trying, and failing, to convince everyone else that we have finally achieved Utopia.

cheers (sort of)