Friday, 28 October 2011

Prime Minister commits treason

At the Commonwealth conference in Australia, Mr David Cameron has succeeded in abolishing the principle of primogeniture and removed the ban on the monarch marrying a Roman Catholic.  The legal implications of this are unimaginable and by doing so he effectively repeals the Act of Settlement and the Bill of Rights.

It also means that he is in violation of his oath and a traitor.  More than that, by this act the government of the United Kingdom ceases to have any legitimacy and can no longer command the loyalty or obedience of any subject of the Crown.  They are no longer the Queen's ministers.  They are an illegal junta.

For me, this is the last straw.  New Labour has already shown itself to be unfit for ever under any circumstances holding power because they fomented and abetted an invasion of Britain while doing everything they could to undermine the nation and its sovereignty.  The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have now joined them in putridity.

Britain is now lumbered with something worse than a one-party state.  We have a one-policy state.  Red, blue or yellow; it doesn't matter what the rosette, they all share the same ends and the same means and all of them are opposed to Britain, her people, their history, their institutions, their monarch, and even their very civilisation.  They are the tentacle of a self-serving, self-perpetuating euro-oligarchy that covers the European Empire like a blanket and pretends to be the technocratic revival of the old continent-wide aristocracy that held sway before 1914–only shabbier, stuffed with utopian dreams like it was Socialist crab meat, and utterly oblivious to the wants or needs of the people they fatten off of.  They aren't just out of touch, they have deliberately cut themselves off behind their security doors and armoured limousines in a way that even the most insular lord never could.  They are worse than tyrannical, they are parasitic.

Now they have crossed the Rubicon.  The political class of Britain have made their governance illegitimate.  Yesterday, what I am about to say I would have qualified as hyperbole.  Today, I am serious.  If the British Army were to mutiny and send this lot to the Tower, I would support it.

As for her majesty, if she gives the royal assent to this, she should abdicate.


Cthel said...

I find it curious that Mr Cameron took care to say that Her Majesty is "fully supportive" of these changes.

I would have expected that sort of statement to be made by Her Majesty, but I'm sure there's nothing suspicious in the Head of State being silent while the head of the parliament announces that his changes to the constitution and governance of the country have Her full support...

Evidently, I've been reading too many political intrigue stories; that sort of thing would never happen in real life, right?


eon said...

Her Majesty should call Mr. Cameron to the Palace. And tell him that his services as Prime Minister are no longer required.

That's what Queen Victoria would have done- just for openers.

It's not a patch on what Queen Elizabeth the First would have started with.

On a side note, I submit that all of the elements in Parliament should formally forswear and abjure their present official party names. And simply announce that henceforth, they are, as a whole, the Monster Raving Loony Party.

It's the only designation that fits.



Sergej said...

Question. Could this really have come from the Queen herself, perhaps to make the succession go or not go in a certain direction? I have a Yankee's knowledge of the British royal family, so can not speculate, but the old woman does not strike me as one of the weak ones. Note how the House of Saud has had to reshuffle who rules when recently. Civilized countries with monarchies must sometimes do the same thing.

David said...

Sergej, A good question, but the succession is solidly in law due to the Act of Settlement and the Bill of Rights, which forms the basis for the justification of the existence of the British state. Yes, they can be changed, but to do so is an act of revolution. If the monarch did so, it would mean the utter rejection of Parliament. If Parliament does so, it is treason.

I never thought there would be a time when I'd agree with that regicide Cromwell, but when it comes to Cameron and the whole rotten political class, I can only quote him: You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!