Thursday, 20 October 2011

Breaking: Khadaffi dead?

Looks like he went the full Mussolini 
General Mohamar Khadaffi (he of many spellings) is reported dead by the Libyan forces.

If true, it means that Saddam Hussein has a new bunkie in Hell.

Update: Killed by a NATO air strike?

Update: He wasn't dead when they found him.

Update:  According to the New York Times, he is now.


Sergej said...

Good riddance. Now someone has to do something about Iran.

eon said...

One less.

So, how long before The Self-Exalted One claims the credit for this one, too?



Sergej said...

Well, this was Obama's war. The winners are the Europeans, who (maybe) get their oil. The losers are the world's manufacturers of muumuus and gold braid. But I suspect that the bomb was American. Maybe it was Husseinovich trying to buff his tough guy credentials by beating on the guy who intimidated him least, but hey, stopped clock, right twice a day, you know?

Cthel said...

As Thomas Jefferson said,

"The tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants"

Hopefully, this will persuade a few other tyrants that a comfortable exile is preferable to being part of a gardening metaphor