Thursday, 13 October 2011


The BBC claims that Coventry council is trying to decide whether to fund child care or fix pot holes.

This is an easy one.  Fixing roads comes under the core functions of local government, therefore that's what gets paid for first.  Proper roads also means that the economy can grow and with more money sloshing around, people can afford to pay for their own child care and the government can get out of the business they shouldn't have been doing in the first place.

But before any of that, has Coventry council looked at alternatives?  Is the City Clerk called the Chief Executive?  Why doesn't he go back to being the clerk and get paid a clerk's wages?  Is there anyone whose job title includes the words gay, lesbian, transgendered, women, minority, outreach, community, cohesion, green, carbon, arts, culture, Euro, multicultural, assistant, deputy, recycling, under, diversity, enhancement, adjunct, or co-?  If so, why are they still employed?  And why doesn't their job involve a shovel and a pot hole?

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