Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Night Strangler


Sergej said...

Oh, oh, and the next one is going to be The Night Stabber, and then The Night... Strychniner, and um, The Night Stenographer?

Neil A Russell said...

I think it was "The Night Sneezer". Guest star Richard Egan played the mayor and pushed for public transport but Kolchak discovered everyone riding the bus was getting the flu while everyone in a car was ok, and as usual he got in big trouble with City Hall.

As for "Night Strangler", I hadn't seen it since it originally aired, but the eerie images of a long lost underground Seattle stuck with me for a long time.
In fact when I lived in Seattle briefly in 1989 I was really disappointed to see what the real underground was like!

So much for the memories of a 12 year old enhanced by an ABC movie of the week