Thursday, 30 June 2011

Swedish preschool gets those childhood traumas in early

Western Civ circles the drain.
And now a bit of Scandanavian madness: Egalia; a preschool where any references to gender are banned down to and including personal pronouns.

Stand by for the follow up story fifteen years from now about the most confused and screwed up group of people outside of a furries cosplay group.


Ironmistress said...

Finnish language (and all Finno-Ugric languages) do not have separate gender pronouns for males and females.

But I agree. Those children will be completely helpless in school - they haven't learned to act like their gender is supposed to do, and are easy targets for bullying - and later in the teenage. The mate selection of the naked malicious ape called Homo sapiens isn't based on political correctness, but biology. Mannish women and effeminate men are doomed to lose in the struggle of existence.

We humies are animals, after all.

eon said...

As Yevgeniy Zamyatin observed in "We", all would-be totalitarian movements seek to reduce human beings to objects. In that respect, it makes perfect sense that Sweden, which has been flirting with the socialist brand for decades, should now decide to refer to its children not as "he" or "she", but simply as "it".

I assume they will next ban the use of "I".



Neil A Russell said...

@Eon; if "I" gets banned, the President's speeches will certainly be a lot shorter

eon said...

Neil A Russell;

Not really. He'll just revert to the royal first person plural- "we".

Which I suspect is what he thinks every time he uses the proper first person singular today, anyway.