Wednesday, 15 June 2011

10 fixes

This is absolutely incredible.  Popular Mechanics provides a list of ten ways to handle the current energy crisis until a proper solution comes along.  First off, the solution they put forward isn't wind mills and unicorn farts, but fusion power.  Second, there's no waffling on about "carbon".  And third, the list actually makes sense!

What happened?  Did their Soma shipment get lost? 

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eon said...

You have to remember that PM is staffed by actual engineers. They've already been vilified by the "Truthers" for debunking all their favorite 9/11 myths. Debunking The one's "green economy" and "energy independence" myths will get them on His s**t list as well, I'm sure.

Now if they could just redo their website so that their list was actually readable, they'd have it all.