Saturday, 18 June 2011



jayessell said...

Is that telescope a series of tubes?

At 00:16:12 the one man IT department says...
4.5 miles in diameter
6 billion tons
17,500 miles PER SECOND?????
1/10th the speed of light?
(Dang! The script writer missed a decimal point or 5.)
17,500 mph is orbital velocity.
About 5 miles per second.

Well to be honest, 0.1c is about right to reach Earth from the asteroid belt in 16 hours.

Worried about asteroid collision?
3 V2s!
The tricky part is getting them out of the museums.

Isn't that Doctor Stern (pretty easy going with electroshock therapy!)
a villain from the serials?
Too bad he keeps a substation in his office!

Novos Electro!

So.... Kronos just needs the NAME of its target?
Not a map?

Nice to see it in 'Regalscope'!

Sergej said...

jayessell: a thing you missed. Anyone who anthropomorphizes a computer to such an extent, and does not use words that must be avoided in a multi-gender/children present context, needs either to have his head examined, or a quick language lesson from a member of the US or any other (probably not French) Navy.