Monday, 20 June 2011

The Green last stand

Rio, Kyoto, Copenhagen, Masada; not going exactly as planned.
James Delingpole looks at the latest in a long-line of Environmentalist scandals and asks the question, will the global warming crowd admit they're wrong or will they gather for a final Climate Masada?


eon said...

At the risk of setting antiplato off (and I suspect my very existence does so);

There is virtually no chance of the Greens either giving in to reality or circling the wagons for a Masada or Alamo-style "last stand". First of all, because they still have far too many enablers in the media, academia, and political circles urging them to "go deep", and secondly because their basic instinct is to attack.

They are the faithful on a holy crusade to remake the world. Crusaders never question their faith- they simply continue trying to force it down everyone elses' throats.

As long as politicians see advantage in pushing the Green agenda, and trendy types see it as proving their "greater social consciousness", there will be no retreat, surrender, or even any questioning of the dogma. This is the way of cults which give power to those promulgating them.

Reality never intrudes until something cases a total collapse of the belief system. And delusional belief systems are remarkably resistant to facts. A study of the "UFO contactee" and "UFO abduction" cults is worthwhile here, notably due to the parallels between their dogmas and those of the Greens.

No matter how thoroughly those two groups' theories have been refuted by science, the belief systems remain. And their believers simply accuse everyone else of conspiring against them.

The difference is, the UFO-nuts have never had actual power. The Greens do, and they aren't about to give it up, willingly or easily.

And if they think they are losing it, I will not be surprised if, like the "anti-globalists" and other authoritarian-wannabee groups they share so much else with, they turn to violence to make everyone else "fall back into line".



Trimegistus said...

I agree with Eon. These scandals and exposures of greenie lies are just tactical setbacks. They're winning the long campaign in the educational system. My children are being taught the "fact" that human carbon emissions are warming the planet.

I wonder if people like, say, Richard Dawkins are even considering the damage to science in another generation or so when people notice that the planet isn't warming up, and that we've been lied to. Maybe they figure that by then their power will be absolute.