Friday, 3 June 2011

Getting really tough on crime

Another perp goes down in the Fatherland.
As if the police dogs weren't enough, now the Germans are deploying police vultures.



Ironmistress said...

They can sniff a carrion from ten miles away. If taught on human opdour, they can find a dead body quite quickly.

See Luke 17:37. Greek "aethos" can mean both an eagle and vulture. Finnish "korppikotka" for vulture means literally "raven-eagle".

Sergej said...

Yeah, but this one coworker of mine, who seems to view hygiene as an optional and generally unnecessary activity, would make a vulture's eyes water. When one spends his life among nerds, as I do, one encounters such types.

eon said...

Seems logical enough. But having worked with cadaver dogs, I must note that they never messed up my evidence by snacking on it.