Monday, 20 June 2011

Concept cars

Astra Gnome: "Time and Space Car", 1956
Dark Roasted Blend looks at the motor cars that never were, but should have been.


jayessell said...

The 1955 Ghia Streamline X-Coupe looks like the Gerry Anderson Supercar.
(From the rear anyway.)

jayessell said...
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eon said...

Whenever I see a "bubble-topped" concept like the Astra Gnome, I think the same thing.

That being that unless the top of the "bubble" is photo-sensitive like Transitions eyeglasses, you probably don't want to be driving it in the American Southwest in daytime. ;-)



Sergej said...

Whenever I see a bubble I think how convenient it would be for car-topping a canoe down to the lake. Of course, my current Jeep ragtop isn't so good in that application either.

Ironmistress said...

Those cars are like created for a world where no accidents happen and safety is no concern, where weather is always fine, where fuel is cheap and where parking lots are abundant.

The diverging technological evolution of the automobile is evident. American cars are designed for a completely different ecosystem than European and Japanese cars. Likewise, American cars emphasize completely different priorities than European or Japanese.

But some of these designs are really awesome.

David said...

Absolutely, Ironmistress. American muscle cars work brilliantly on straight roads that go on forever, but on winding English country roads, they're rubbish.