Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Bloody Obvious Department

From the BBC:
Gaddafi regime 'not attending London Olympics'


eon said...

And in other breaking news, rain is still wet.

What I want to know is, considering that we (meaning NATO, RAF, USAF/USN, Fwance, etc.) have expended so much ordnance on Libya that we are now having trouble meeting mission loadouts (especially PGMs), why hasn't Colonel KaDaffy Duck assumed ambient desert temperatures yet?

How hard is it to find a guy who dresses like Liberace on a bender, lives in a pavilion in the desert, and communes with whatever deities he believes in, while haranguing his adoring followers on radio and TV?

D/F the idiot, bung a J-SOW at him. Problem Solved, Already.



Wesley said...

Fwance. Yes. The spelling should be official in the English lexicon.