Monday, 6 June 2011

A moment of clarity


eon said...

Smart puppy dog. The best thing to send after a bloke with a gun and a loony look on his mug- is several small lead thingies going Mach 1 or better.

Hollow tips on same optional.



Sergej said...

Supersonic has a built-in range limit. I like me some old fashioned 230-gr thingies traveling at 850 fps. FMJ, HP or frangible, depending on what's standing behind the bloke.

Though, from the point of view of the bloke---if I were on the other side of the law, and of the whole good/evil thing. If I'm running and snapping shots off behind me, and I've got a limited number of rounds, a dog is a very small, moving target. I might spray lead if I had a semi-auto and some spare clips (probably hit something on the street, but we are assuming that I am an evil bloke as in initial condition, so no big deal for me), but the dog might have a chance.

Wesley said...

The eyes say it all... Priceless.

Anthea said...

Yes, as Wesley has pointed out, the eyes say it all.