Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Doing the maths

Squawkfox looks at how to get 22 meals out of a single chicken over a five day period for $49.

I'd be more impressed if it weren't that a) she counted servings as "meals", b) most of the dishes were stews, and c) $21.92 of the budget was blown on a single organic chicken at $3.49 per pound.

For that amount of money, I could have bought four Costco chickens already roasted and have enough left over for proper side dishes in obscene portions and a couple of bottles of plonk.

Now that's economy.

Update: I just noticed that she used the neologism "frugalicious".

I'm calling the police.


Bryan said...

She lives alone in an apartment with six cats so she only ever cooks for one. Unless one of the cats has a birthday. Mr. Fibuli loves him's people food!

Gauss said...

She's actually married to a guy named Carl, and lives on a cattle ranch. For some reason I doubt you even skimmed the article, Bryan.

Bryan said...

No, because I don't care.