Wednesday, 31 August 2011


What's the easiest way to board a passenger plane?  My plan is to avoid flying in anything except the smallest craft available or avoiding flying altogether.  Or you can use this particle physicist's idea:
In his method, first, alternate rows on one side of the plane board, but just the window seats. Then the other side boards, in alternate rows with one row between each passenger. Again, window seats only. Then back to the other side, with the middle seats this time. And so on. The result is a beautiful choreography as rows of passengers simultaneously stow their luggage and take their seats in tandem. The reason why it works is because it makes optimum use of the aisles, allowing each passenger to freely flow from the center aisle, to luggage stow, to their seat. There's maximum elbow room, and minimum crotch and butt scraping.
Clever clock.

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