Monday, 15 August 2011

I speak loudly, but I carry no stick at all

Mr David Cameron being "tough".

Mr David Cameron attempts to talk tough, but it comes off as the standard politician's appeal to what Horace Rumpole called "Lauren Order" mixed with new government programmes to bandage over (That is, hide) the problem.

Sorry, Mr Cameron.  The time for that sort of thing is past.  The only way to "help" "troubled" families on the state benefit is to get them off it permanently.  And that's just for a start.  The solution requires admitting that government is the problem and that the only way out is to get rid of this poisonous welfare state, end mass immigration, and reject root and branch the social engineering ideology of the past half century.  Disruptive?  Yes, in the short term it will mean fighting back against a load of–I was going to call them savages, but savages have a better sense of industry and honour–yahoos who are outraged at being denied the public teat and left-wing totalitarians denied their playthings, but in the long run, it means that we will have a chance to once again have a society worth living in.

But I'm not holding my breath because a large part of fixing things means the Political Class packing up and leaving and that's about as likely as a porcine airline.

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Ironmistress said...

Then again, what is the solution? More prisons? Reintroducion of indentured service and forced labour? What comes to welfare itrself, abusus non tollit usus.

Government and welfare are neither a problem nor a solution. They are workarounds - workarounds for an issue which would be far worse without it. The only way to get rid of being dependent of welfare is to fix the problems which on the first way made people to seek welfare [instead, for example, of committing crimes and hoping to get caught and sentenced and to have a roof over their heads.]

On what comes to mass immigration, the British government itself shot itself on its own leg already more than forty years ago. Granting citizenship for all subject for the Empire could have been a politically clever move at short term, but disastrous in the long run.

Perhaps just reproduction and acquiring of children should be made subject to licence. Too many people and too few open jobs is a clear-cut recipe for any disaster.