Friday, 12 August 2011

Lord of the Flies, nation of geldings

Things are going pretty much as I expected in Britain.  Sated, the looters have quieted down and now the government leaps into action with all sorts of bluster about how they will visit justice upon the idiots the police arrested because they were too stupid to run or cover their tracks on Twitter.  The highlight was Mr David Cameron forgoing all the obvious and effective ways of tackling this collapse of order and saying that he wants to be able to shut down social media like some Third World dictator.  A more classic case of not getting it I've yet to see.

Meanwhile, Mr Frank Miniter looks at this pathetic image of a man meekly giving his clothes to a thug and concludes that Britain isn't just disarmed, it's emasculated.


Sergej said...

Not a pretty scene. I asked yesterday if, given a gun, the Brits would still remember how to pull the trigger. Well, if this business continues, they may find themselves forced to resort to cold weapons to protect themselves and defend their property---cricket bats and pick handles, since swords are hard to come by, and not everyone is comfortable with an axe. Modern, first-world people arming themselves like cavemen.

It takes a different kind of courage to engage with cold weapons, since putting an opponent in one's range, puts one in the opponent's range as well. Maybe after such an exercise, the British people will be up to demanding more modern, i.e., powder-based, arms back. I hope so. If not for the Brits and their style of making tea, the Russian style would be left the worst in the world.

eon said...

Anyone want to bet that after so meekly disrobing for the yob, the poor sod was arrested for "public indecency"?

The surest way to get busted in the UK today is to be caught trying to obey the laws. Including the ones about not mixing it up with the wideboys.

In my case, it cuts both ways. One sight of me unclothed would likely send most people, including the average punk, straight to a padded room.

Or at least have them violently retching in the gutter.



Ironmistress said...

Sergej, the scariest experience in my life so far has been a knife fight. Eiher of us could well have ended up in a funeral urn and the other in prison.

One of the best close combat weapons is the good old quarterstaff. Beats a knife, axe, sword or baseball bat at any time if you only know how to use it. Simple to make and easy to wield once you know how to do it. Can be used on blocking blows, delivering strikes, cross-checking and delivering thrusts. A quarterstaff thrust on stomach, Adam's apple or solarplexus is sure to drop down even the toughest opponent.

The Japanese know the quarterstaff under the name of bo and the Portuguese as pau. Admittedlty, wielding one requires skill, but so does wielding sword or knife to be more than hazard to yourself. And physical excercize with staff does only good for the Westerners whose fitness has been deteriorated by the fast food and sedentiary lifestyle.