Monday, 29 August 2011

Bedlam from balderdash

The hype, I mean heat, is driving me mad, I tell you!
The Environmentalists now claim the global warming, sorry, "climate change" is driving people stark, staring mad.  with Mr Erik Jensen in the Sydney Morning Herald claiming that it's responsible for galloping suicide rates, schoolchildren showing post traumatic stress syndromes in numbers normally only seen in people who rode out a carpet bombing inside a cement mixer and 20 percent of the population plunged into the depths of "emotional injury, stress and despair".

That's pretty good for a phenomenon whose salient feature is a singular refusal to manifest itself.  And I rather suspect that if anyone is being "traumatised" (wretched sciencism), it's a reaction to warmenist propaganda.  If Mr Jensen et al wish to find madness induced by global warming, they should look in the mirror.  Then they might be able to tell the difference between argument and flat-out scaremongering.

Next up:  Global warming causes invasion of bogey men and marked increase in nasty somethings lurking under children's beds.

Update:  Speaking of scaremongering, let's pop over to the New York Times for a spot of making mountains out of tropical storms.

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