Thursday, 18 August 2011

When galaxies collide

Really slow disaster.
When the inhabitants of a small planet orbiting a star in galaxy VV 340 North discovered that they were about to collide with galaxy VV 340 South they ran about and screamed for a few months, but then they got bored and put the kettle on.


Sergej said...

Who was on port tack, is what I want to know. It will be needed for the investigation.

Ironmistress said...

Don't go 'round tonight
'cause it's bound to take our lives
there's a black hole on the right!

eon said...

Either the mice are still looking for the Question, or somebody let Zaphod drive.



jayessell said...

The space between stars should let them pass through each other without undully inconviencing the inhabitants, if any.

Yes, the gravitational effects will form an illregularly shaped galaxy with hardly any of the stars ejected out of their respective galaxies into transgalactic space.
There's a computer simulation of that someplace.

It's unlikiely any of the stars will collide, once an explaination of novas.