Friday, 19 August 2011

They're super serial!

Klaatu barada DIE!
Al Gore must be  kicking himself over this one. When SETI meets Green politics, what do you get?  How about:  "Stop global warming or the space aliens will kill us!"

Gentlemen, we're deep into manbearpig territory here.


Bryan said...

Wasn't this the plot of that dreadful remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still"?

eon said...

The most hilarious thing about this "study" (other than the fact that NASA paid for it with our money) is that it ignores a few facts.

First of all, aliens advanced enough to come here and waste us would probably be advanced enough to notice that solar activity is driving this planet's climate, as it does everywhere else in the galaxy that doesn't have one of Sagan's Type 2.3+ civilizations in residence. My guess is that before they send a few dozen planetbusters (or one Genesis Torpedo) our way, they'll take the Sun's temperature first.

Second, since there's no convincing evidence that anything other than tachyons can attain superluminal velocities, the best guess is that their detection systems still operate at "c" or below. Meaning that all they know about us is what their version of Jodrell Bank, or a few (fairly slow) space probes can tell them.

Which means that if they're 30LY or farther away, right now they're hearing our "best and brightest" over VHF screaming about the threat of... a new Ice Age.




Tom said...

This study was done at Penn State. That explains everything. As you were.

Neil A Russell said...

My guess is that they would simply revise the listing back to "harmless"