Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pocket cassette recorder from 1971

How things change.  I once had a micro-cassette recorder that I used for making temporary log entries while sailing and about ten years ago I bought a digital recorder for my writing work.  I still use it for interviews, but stopped tucking it in my jacket in the morning because my phone is good enough if I have to dictate some notes.

I don't even want to think of that bulky Kolchak-style recorder I used at university or the cassette deck I used for a computer memory.  From there it's one step to reel to reel and then the kids start asking me about wax cylinder machines.

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Sergej said...

Wax cylinders? You must have gotten into computers late. When I started we used punchcards made from thin bits of slate with holes bored through 'em. No backspace key on that baby, lemme tellya!

Oh, you mean for sound recording! You're ahead of me on that one. I've always taken notes the old-fashioned way. With a stylus. On clay tablets.