Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Now the circle is complete.
Ecoctricity plans to build a chain of electric car charging stations along the M4 and M1 powered by (wait for it) wind mills.

Charging stations no one uses powered by wind mills that don't produce electricity and all of it paid for by massive government subsidies.  I say we save some money and just set fire to the bank notes.


eon said...

Meanwhile, here in the States, Costco is quietly removing all the charging stations they put in their parking lots with much fanfare two years ago. Because they are hideously expensive to maintain, and nobody was using them anyway.

I don't know if Costco got "stimulus" money to install them, but it wouldn't surprise me, anymore than this does. As Johnson said of a second marriage, this is another example of the triumph of hope over experience.

I keep wondering when "experience" will finally sink in with the "enlightened ones".

My guess would be "never".



Anonymous said...

The sticker on my MG said "Leaded and Proud of it! Stuff the environment!" Mind you it also claimed to come from the Arthur Daley Used Car Centre...
These windmills may find a use... Hanging Politicians and Greenistas so the overtaxed public can play Pinata and knock some sense into them!