Friday, 28 October 2011

Book tour

The US economy is in tatters, the government is in debt beyond any entity in history, and Mr Barack Hussein Obama spends $38,000 handing out free copies of his memoirs to the Egyptians.

Nice one, Barry!  Does Bill Ayers get a cut for doing the ghost writing?


Sergej said...

Eh... What are the circumstances? I could see the background being something like: general decides that a traveling library of American books is just the thing for winning Iraqi hearts and/or minds; general's subordinate launches some paperwork-laden process for selecting appropriate titles; Barry sneaks in an order for a pallet or twenty of his autohagiography that have been taking up warehouse space. Normal behavior for a Chicago politician.

I'd say that the owners of the Iraqi hearts/minds in question are the ones who suffer. Barry going on (and on) about his favorite topic has got to be worse than waterboarding---"first Saddam, and now this; truly Allah has abandoned us!"

eon said...

If his ego gets any larger, it's going to need its own zip code.



James said...
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