Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Don't give up, change the subject

I think we can declare the global warming scare if not dead, at least on its way to the grave.  The BBC is already setting up the new threat to Blessed Gaia by rolling out that discredited Malthusian bogey man: Resource depletion.

And guess what the solution is?  Yes!  Exactly the same as for global warming.  What a coincidence.

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eon said...

New Ice Age? Answer- agrarian Paleolithic socialism.

Global warming? Answer- same.

Now it's "reseource deplation", taking us right back to Thomas Malthus. Answer- guesss....

I'd settle for the lot of our "best and brightest" unfurling their red banners, singing the Internationale, and screaming "Obey Us Or Diiieee!!!"

That, at least, would be honest.