Thursday, 10 May 2012

Growth industries

Depressed over the current economic situation and how Mr Barack Hussein Obama is managing the world's largest economic power upon which everyone else depends?  Fear not, because there are two booming industrial sectors:  Guns and sex toys.

Coincidence?  I don't think so.

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eon said...

And yesterday, The One admitted that he "sometimes forgets that there's a recession".

Probably somewhere between the links and his latest dinner with George Clooney. (Does anybody else find Clooney as creepy as I do?)

I've come to the conclusion that The One simply does not believe that the present situation is a bad one. Not because "Bush did it", but because it was the result of His own machinations, and therefore it simply cannot be a bad thing.

I once had to put up (professionally) with a staff psych whose worldview was that no mater what the people you dealt with did, the only problem with things was your own perception of events.

Said psych(o) told me that the problem with my mother's misanthropic sisters, who maltreated their own male children and openly despised me for being male, was my "perception" that they hated men.

My response, "It's not my 'perception', it's what they'll tell any man to his face" was irrelevant in her opinion.

The One reminds me very much of that supposed expert. To Him, the only thing wrong with the world is that the rest of us are incapable of perceiving how perfect He has made it. And of course, His own immaculate perfection.

In short, He is not entirely sane. And I never thought I'd say that about a sitting President of the United States. I consider that LBJ, Nixon, Carter and Clinton were greedy, grasping, stupid and duplicitous, respectively, but exactly none of them were nuts.

On the whole, I think any of the four would be preferable to the delusional article we have in the Oval Office now. (And no, I didn't- and wouldn't- vote for any of them.)