Friday, 11 May 2012

Le déluge est maintenant

France goes stark, staring mad.

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eon said...

I think it's time to assess what France has really done for the world.

1. They created the idea of absolute monarchy (Louis XIV). That didn't work out so well.

2. They took the concept of revolution in the name of democracy, and turned it into tyranny (the Directory and the Terror). That didn't work either.

3. They gave the world Napoleon. Three times. That alone constitutes a strikeout in baseball.

4. They fought Germany three times (1870-71,1914-18, and 1940)- and got stomped every time. The last time they decided to collaborate (Vichy); that backfired, too.

5. In 1848 and 1968 they were the center of "proletarian revolts" that demanded, well, pretty much what they have now. Two more Epic Fails.

6. They helped start NATO- and then pulled out of it, mainly due to not wanting to be allied to the US and Great Britain. Exactly why, they have never been able to explain adequately.

And that's only a small part of the list of French "Triumphs".

Now they want to do nothing, somehow replace nuclear power (45% of their energy production) with... something, have infinite social welfare, tax anybody actually working to pay for it- and blame the IMF (i.e., the US), and Germany(!) when, not if, it blows up in their faces.

About the best that can be said of France is that, as a nation-state, it is an excellent example of what not to do.