Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Future London

Yanko Design (The DREADCO of the design world) imagines the future skyline of London with a sweeping plan that totally ignores the city's current architecture, history, culture or any human needs in favour of a "green", "utopitan" scheme that's one economic downturn away from becoming Blade Runner with Cockneys.


Ironmistress said...

Just have to ponder... do all designers suffer from severe forms of Autism?

Autists are known to love sterile, monotonic forms and setting things in order and building things from blocks, and anything that revolves. They also love plastics, stainless steel and concrete.

Le Corbusier was a textbook case of Asperger syndrome patient. I just wonder if all designer students are like that.

eon said...

It reminds me more of a future Tokyo from any anime' about aliens or extradimensional baddies on the loose therein. Complete to the helicopters; someone should tell them that the Sea Kings and Commandos are gone, and that the Blackhawks are being superseded, too.

I almost expect to see Ruger Hauer with a big gun over his shoulder, while popping chockies in his mouth. With Kim Catrall and Alistair Duncan following him around, while Duncan yammers about needing even bigger guns.



Sergej said...

Well, they've got that "pickle" building in there, haven't they? That's something about London's architecture and history (as of three weeks ago). Also, I see about three windmills. Those can't be intended for generating electricity, even considering Yanko's proven inability to do arithmetic, so I'm going to assume they're there as a defense against flying birds.