Monday, 28 May 2012


Just finished Watermelons, James Delingpole's excellent book on the "green" movement and how it has free-fallen from people concerned about clean air to an anti-Western, anti-industrial, anti-Capitalist, anti-human Socialist movement that has grabbed on to the fallacy of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming and turned it into a all-purpose bludgeon to force people to abandon civilisation and liberty in return  for... nothing, really.

Delingpole makes a multi-pronged attack on the movement including its origins, the duplicity of those behind it, the cod science that supports it and the ludicrous nature of  the precautionary principle.  He shows how it is possible to understand the scientific arguments and their flaws and that "don't worry your pretty little unqualified heads" is not an argument.  He also reveals what is at stake in this battle, for battle it is, and that if the worshipers of Blessed Gaia have their way, we will all suffer.  Most importantly, he explains how global warming is just one position that the Left will happily surrender when the time comes to fall back to a new bogey man.

Written in his usual irreverent style, Watermelons is must reading for anyone who needs to swot up on the arguments in a weekend.

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