Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Newspeak dilemma

Don't worry, doublethink will solve it
Fat is evil... Calling people overweight bad... Fat  ungood... Overweight ungood... Must condemn... Must not offend... Class enemy... Victim group... No viable alternatives... Paradigm shifting... No clutch....  Alert... Alert...


eon said...

I suspect they'll end up referring to us BMI-challenged people as "enemies of Holy Mother Gaia". After all, we must be consuming more resources than we are entitled to, otherwise we'd be svelte, attractive, and progressive, like them.

This would however utterly fail to explain Bill Clinton and Al Gore.



Neil A Russell said...

I love liberal conundrums like that.

It's much akin to describing someone from England that happens to be black.
How do you wrap them in "african-american" hyphenism?

Isn't that the sort of thing that Shatner used on Nomad?

eon said...


Yes, and the one he and Nimoy laid on Landru.

The difference is that computers work on logic, and thus cannot deal with logical paradoxes. (Landru being "harmful to the Body", Nomad making errors while supposedly incapable of same.)

Progressives have no use for logic. It's all about "feelings". And much of their "feelings" are about finding people they can hate while still telling themselves how fair-minded and righteous they are.

They love the feeling of hating somebody else just as much as any gang-banger does. They just want to appear to be above such things.

This is why you cannot reason with a self-styled progressive. And why giving them political power is a very dangerous thing to do.





Sergej said...

Sure! "Height-challenged, girth-enhanced African-American Englishpyrson of South Asian origin". Or, one can simply find all this nonsense differently-smart, and call him Bob (assuming that's his name) and try to get to know him.

Of course, I wouldn't accuse my betters of categorizing people according to their hyphenation instead of who they are---that would be prejudice, and we all know that only we mouth-breathing Fox News-watching bitter clingers (clinger-Americans?) can be guilty of that.