Tuesday, 22 May 2012

You must love Big Brother

A "social sciences" teacher in North Carolina screams at a student that criticising or even questioning Mr Barack Hussein Obama is a criminal offence.

Education in America in the 21st century.


Sergej said...

King Barry will put a dog in every pot and a Volt in every garage, all paid for by Them. How dare you speak against him? It is not the Chicago way.

Brandon said...

That's a teacher? Why is she having a gossiping with her class? What is going on? She has no control over the class. I went to public school and it didn't sound anything like this. The fact that she thinks that she can play political favorites in class and claim that it is against the law to disagree with the president is just the tip of the iceberg.

She sounds less mature than her students.

And why oh why is she screaming?

eon said...

My 11th grade Civics teacher wasn't as vituperative as she is, but i assure you his opinions were as asinine. And his grasp of law and the Constitution was even shakier.

Yes, he was a self-styled "liberal".

Yes, I derived considerable amusement from him. Mainly by letting him run off at the mouth on some subject he knew nothing about... and then asking question that could be checked in the textbook, that proved he was blowing smoke.

And yes, to his dying day he dreamed of boiling me in oil, on stage, at a Democratic Convention.