Monday, 21 May 2012

Day of the eagle

What's worse than being attacked by an eagle?

Being attacked by an eagle with a knife!


Ironmistress said...

Being attacked by an eagle with a Mora knife.

That knife the eagle carries is a Mora, which is a very well known Swedish brand. Moras are known that they are both resilient and keep their edge well.

Mora knives are forged from three steel slabs, just like a Samurai sword. The sides are hard and well tempered, while the center is soft and springy, making the knife at the same time both hard and flexible The technique is derived from Medieval Swedish swordmaking.

Sergej said...

A Mora knife with a plastic handle, however, Ironmistress; I question the eagle's taste in pointy-cutty things.

I finally decided to try a Mora knife. Sharp, and a pleasure to hone. But after a few strokes carving oak, the edge turned. I'm thinking of one of your Finnish puukos from a good manufacturer. Same blade geometry, but fit and finish seem better thought out, and I'm hoping for a harder edge.

eon said...

To judge from the bands on his legs, he's been darted and tagged at least twice.

I'm thinking he's looking for payback.