Thursday, 24 May 2012

Break up the Euro


eon said...

The Greek government won't leave the EU voluntarily, because they are counting on Brussels to bail them out by taking the money from Germany, Norway, & etc., and/or getting them a chunk of largesse from the IMF, that is, the United States. (Obama has already stated he is OK with this; Congress may have a different opinion.)

The idea that the PIIGS might do better outside the EU is more or less dependent on their governments- and people- changing their attitudes about work, government spending, and such things. In other words, it probably won't happen short of major collapse. Right now, the PIIGS are operating on the principle of "the EU has to save us, or they'll go down with us. Why change?"

This alone would be good enough reason to throw them out. But the EU won't, because those running it like the power. Letting colonies slip through their fingers by not tightening their fist isn't the Imperial style. (All they really need right now is a Death Star and some guy in black armor with asthma.)

Furthermore, if they DID do better on their own hook(s), that would be a massive propaganda problem for the EU. Their dreams of a United Europe (more like the old USSR with a veneer of gentility, actually) would go up in smoke.

As for Mr. Papanicolaou, if he doesn't understand the concept of "water seeking its own level" as it applies to monetary policy, I can only assume that education in Europe is worse than it is here.

Considering the lack of support Mr. Farage is getting from Cameron & Co., I'm wondering when he's simply going to say "the **** with it", and resign. Not that it would bother the gnomes in Brussels if he did.

Rulers do not like messengers who keep bringing them bad news, no matter how accurate it is.



Sergej said...

Give Papanick some slack. If some crazy Brit were to show up and start arguing that I needed to be made unemployed, I might resent it as well. And even in this economy (a phrase that I notice it is becoming politically correct to say, though it is of course, still Bush's fault), there's a lot more openings for a software guy than for a weaselly little donkey-osculating hack of a mid-level bureaucrat.