Friday, 25 May 2012

Not as cuddly as it seems

The World Wildlife Fund:  Dedicated to protecting Blessed Gaia by relentlessly hounding mankind back to the Dark Ages.


Sergej said...

Yeah, "best of all, 'Occupied Palestinian Territory'". (Beg questions much, do we?) Translation: if 100% and more of your income comes from Islamist petro-terrorists in the Middle East, soft-headed bleeding heart lefties in the civilized world, and antisemites everywhere, you do not need to use a lot of acreage to grow crops.

eon said...

They approve of AFPAK and Gaza? Well, that tells you something, right there.

More to the point, when anyone on the left uses the words "human rights", "social justice", "sustainable", or "wildlife", you can be sure of one thing. That being that their end game is to see that another part of humanity, especially in the West, gets it in the neck.

Since this bunch's friends in the AGW crowd want "climate change deniers" treated like the N***s at Nuremburg, I'd suggest we do likewise for those who suggest going scorched-earth, or advocating de facto genocide, to "Save Holy Mother Gaia". It's the same thing, and even has much of the same antecedence.

Namely, the German Romantics; the NSDAP was also infatuated with the idea of a "pristine Earth" inhabited by "noble savages". Aryan noble savages, in their case, to be sure, but...



jayessell said...

At what point does the WWF meet the criteria of a terrorist organization?

PS: The cold warriors link was interesting.

Sergej said...

jayessell: the linked article says that Yasserstan gets the WWF's highest marks for not making unreasonable demands on Mother Gaia.

Not that I would necessarily have anything against anyone the WWF likes, but if they were to come out and tell me that I'm doing a great job on something, I'd want to at least take a long hard look at how I'm living my life.