Monday, 21 May 2012

Cowardly cuts

From the Telegraph:
The British Army will have to rely on civilian drivers, reserves and foreign armies to fight wars in the future as the MoD plans a swathe of cuts to support solders, it can be disclosed.
These aren't reforms.  This is wholesale dismantling of the armed forces by a load of traitorous, cowardly blackguards.

And the horrifying thing is, there's no alternative to them short of revolution or Her Majesty invoking emergency powers.  It's that serious


Sergej said...

One alternative that I can see is the European Union experiment blowing up, and all the countries in Europe falling to murdering each other, as they seem to have a bad habit of doing from time to time. A way this might happen is if the welfare state runs out of money (other people's), and then, pretty much, Greece. Bringing a wheelbarrow of paper to the shop for a loaf of bread and finding that it now costs two wheelbarrows is enough to make even a German irrational. Of course, this is when Britain starts wishing it had some modern weapons all prepared, needs to make a heroic effort, fight pluckily against overwhelming odds, etc.

Not something that I, or any sane man, would enjoy seeing. The Eurocrats have read the same history books (but drawn different conclusions from them, apparently), and they are not stupid people. Maybe they'll find a way around such an unhappy outcome.

eon said...

So, the MoD thinks the XVth Century procedure of hiring "specialists" to run things like combat engineering, transport, etc., is better than the Frederick the Great method?

Frederick was well aware of the way the "specialists" that had served with his great-grandfather's army tended to either (a) run at the first whiff of grapeshot, and/or (b) change sides if the enemy made them a better offer.

Not to mention (c) packing up and leaving altogether if they weren't paid on time- and also (d) thought the middle of a battle was the absolute best time to "renegotiate" their fees.

Next, I suppose MoD will "contract out" artillery support. Or maybe just hire ex-UN peacekeepers when they need troops.

Oh, yes. That method worked so well... for Charles the Bold of Burgundy.

Here's hoping they never cheese off the Swiss, like he did.