Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The death knell

The defence cuts imposed on the armed forces by the illegal junta that occupies Britain are so bad that regimental names that brought glory to the Crown, Empire and people will be heard no more.

What a world!  One party loathes the country, the other is run by unprincipled cowards, the third is completely barmy and all are part of a political class that has no loyalty to anyone except themselves.

God help us.


eon said...

Abolishing regimental names as a "cost-saving" measure?

(Word deleted to comply with terms of use)

The post WW 1 Reichswehr assigned the names and numbers of Imperial regiments to companies, both to maintain tradition and so that those companies would one day form the command cadre of rebuilt regiments. It cost nothing and was a very effective system, as any Allied soldier who met the Wehrmacht in battle between 1939 and 1945 would attest.

I see that the British Army was doing the same thing- that is, until the MPs put a stop to it, supposedly to save money. (On what? Regimental badges?)

No, this is simply the Labourites and their collaborators in the other party working off their hatred of the military, and their determination to gut it and, eventually, destroy it.

The idea of a "European Army" style force is also complete (Expletive deleted). The EU does not have an army, and isn't about to have one. It clashes with their karma, you know.

There was a time when the idea that the only remaining effective field armies on the Continent, outside of Russia, belonged to Germany and Poland would have worried me. Not any more.

If Britain is determined to erase the British military from the pages of history, there has to be somebody to provide the core of the forces that will probably be needed a lot sooner that Europe's delusional "world citizen" leaders believe. If it can't be Great Britain, at least it will be somebody else who actually may remember how to fight.



Anonymous said...

Well they destroyed the Navy, may as well finish the job.