Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A little jig of grief

Mourning: North Korean style

According to the BBC, North Koreans are in deep mourning for the passing of Dear Leader.

Apparently, one North Korean funerary custom is wail like a banshee in public and then slip into the back room  to perform a quick Charleston.

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Sergej said...

Not so sure. I'd suspect that the back room is bugged, or fear that someone would walk in. Rather amusing family story (or, maybe not). My grandmother would put a pillow over the telephone when my grandfather tuned in Voice of America on the short wave. Telephone was a not fully understood piece of technology that sent information places; who knew who might be listening? One certainly did not say anything dangerous while talking on the phone, because one always assumed the conversation might have two speakers but three listeners.

If North Korea ever gets rid of its dynasty of round little psychopathic trolls, I wouldn't want to play poker with any of its former happy citizens.