Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another nail

Now the government wants to grant hereditary peerages to women, which indicates that either they have absolutely no common sense* whatsoever or this "Conservative" government really is what I believe it to be:  a traitorous, illegal junta led by a traitor who don't give a tinker's damn what damage they do to what's left of Britain.

*How will it pass on?  Will it to a daughter like a ring?

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eon said...

My guess is that what they really want is an end to hereditary seats in Lords, period. Blair's "life peers" were the first step, and I suspect that this is going to be one of those "offer this as something nobody will accept, then sneak in what we are really after under the radar" things.

In the end, Lords will be a rubber stamp for Commons, and then the "progressives" in all parties can really start rocking "Cool Brittania". Their way. (And Rule For Ever And Ever, Amen.)

That will be a good time for everyone in the UK with an actual job (other than trade unionists) to head for the hills. Or better yet, Canada and the U.S.

Granted, we probably won't be in great shape after The One gets done with us, but it's sort of like jumping out of the fire, and into the frying pan. You're still getting burnt, but you have a bit of a breathing space to figure out how to get off the blasted stove altogether.