Friday, 2 December 2011

Action at last?

Recently, there have been a number of attacks against Iranian nuclear and missile facilities and several of their top scientists have been assassinated.  From the look of these satellite photos, this doesn't seem like the work of a dissident group out to make a point.  It's more like someone is escalating the fight against the mad mullahs to something beyond introducing Stuxnet viruses at centrifuge plants.

Keep up the good work, whoever you are.


eon said...

Best guess; mortars or rockets. Either that, or an air strike.

I tend toward thinking it was done with the former rather than the latter. The Iranian defense radars would probably notice an inbound strike package.



Sergej said...

Well, the article does say that there was a test/demo involving both large amounts of rocket fuel and VIPs going on at the time. Someone seems to have gotten a hold of someone's Franklin Planner, and set a few bombs in strategic places. (I assume that the mullahs are the type to carry a Franklin Planner. With the random papers stuffed into it and that picture of a kitten with the caption "hang in there" printed on cardstock, in front. Maybe I'm attributing to them qualities of this boss I used to have once...)