Thursday, 15 December 2011

It'll be fish next

Apples mysteriously rain from the sky in Coventry.

Somewhere, Charles Fort smiles.


Sergej said...

Meh. I'm holding out for flaming lizards.

Neil A Russell said...

I hadn't thought about Fortean Fafrotskys in a long time.

Makes me miss the days of Frank Edwards too.

eon said...

Were they all the same sort of apple?

No, seriously. That could indicate that a local "downburst" had yanked them up from an orchard.

Localized and small-scale weather anomalies are an old story here in OH, and would have amused CHF. My favorite happened in Ross Co. about a decade ago. A narrow, horizontal "tunnel-wind" burst ripped across a pasture like a cannon shot, and neatly punched a ten-foot diameter hole right through a barn's center loft lengthwise, spraying its contents all over the barnyard on the downwind end. Except for the bits like some of the heavier planking that ended up a mile away.

In fact, the wind (or whatever it was) cored the barn's loft like, well, an apple. ;-)

It got a front page photo in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, complete with the farmer and local sheriff looking at it wondering, "How did it do that?"

Mother Nature has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. And, I suspect, a wicked sense of humor.