Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hot lions crave human flesh

Quick, man!  Turn up the air conditioning!
Global warming causes man-eating lions to attack!

This has to be the silliest global warming story I've seen in the past five or six hours.

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eon said...

Yes, I'm sure the Tsavo maneaters munched 100+ workers on the Kenya Railroad in 1898 because of AGW.

More likely, the maneaters of today are making the same judgment call those two unlovely customers did. "Hey, you know, these two-footed ape descendants can't climb trees worth a cent, they can't run nearly as fast as a gazelle, and they don't taste half bad, either."

A conclusion that lions all over Africa have been reaching since just about the time our ancestors came down out of the trees around Olduvai Gorge to begin with.

Lions are utilitarianists. Their attitude toward life is: Eat, Sleep, Breed. (Yawn occasionally when you're bored silly.) The less effort they have to put into any of the above, the better they like it. The King of the Beasts is about as energetic as your typical domestic tabby in the self-starting department. If he could go to Mickey D's for lunch, he would.

The difference is, your Domestic Shorthair has cat food, courtesy of you. To Mr. Lion, you ARE cat food.

No lion will pass up an easy meal. And due to bans on hunting, they have lost whatever fear of humans was engendered a century ago by Messrs. Holland & Holland.

The spear didn't do much to adjust Felis Leo's attitude toward humans. It took the .375 to accomplish that.

As Jeff Cooper repeatedly observed, the P.C. crowd keeps forgetting that wild animals are... wild. And that in Africa, everything bites.