Monday, 12 December 2011

The question answered

I've often wondered what would happen if I fell into a pool of lava–and once it wasn't just an academic question, but that's another story.

Anyway, here is the answer that was previously known only to Gollum and Darth Vader.

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eon said...

Eerily enough, I was watching "House of Wax" with Vincent Price the other night, as he was describing the effects of being coated in molten wax to his intended Marie Antoinette, Phyllis Kirk. They closely parallel the effects of lava on the nerves.

I don't think the method described in the movie (or the 1932 original) would work if the objective is a convincing, lifelike mannequin. Too much destruction of epithelial tissue plus third-and-fourth-degree burning of the subcutaneous regions. Not as thoroughly awful as molten lava or steel, but still quite nasty.

Passing Forensic Pathology 101 gave me a very jaundiced view of most horror movie writing. I suspect most of the authors of same have never even opened a path' textbook, let alone a copy of "Grey's Anatomy".