Friday, 2 December 2011

A breath of sanity

God, I've been waiting for someone to say this.


Anonymous said...

But who would you miss most, the nurse,the binmen,the bloke who cleans the sewers or athe politicians ? A couple of weeks without the former and the latter would certainly be right in it in every sense !!!

eon said...

The Beeb is, as usual, thin-skinned and politically correct to the illogical extreme. Of course, one can only wonder how they would react if it were John Holdren or Al Gore making the same remark about AGW skeptics- like me.

OTOH, I'm probably too P.C. for my own good, but I never use that phrase unless I really mean it. And I insist on a fair trial, first.

For instance, I'd never say this about Simon Cowles, although I've seen just enough of him to convince me he wouldn't be the ideal dinner guest. (I don't watch "reality shows"- they're too far removed from actual reality.)

By comparison, I would have no trouble saying this of the average Islamist terrorist. Ditto any member of Earth First! who can be proven to have committed arson of a structure. (Here in OH, a property owner is legally allowed to use deadly force to stop an arson attempt, even if it is of an uninhabited structure. Because arson is considered the equivalent of assault with a deadly weapon in the Ohio Revised Code- justifiably so, IMPO.)

Even the OWSies aren't worth it, unless of course they go from random violence to the organized variety. At which point they are either a terrorist group or a gang, and should get the appropriate treatment.

As for the GS (Government Striker)types, they deserve something worse. It's called being told to go find a job because they are no longer on the taxpayers' payroll. (Good luck with the job hunt, though.)

No, I don't agree with the Beeb. I just prefer to reserve my dis-approbations for those who are worthy of the effort.



Sergej said...

It seems to be the consensus in Britain that Mr. Clarkson is a Very Horrible Person. Why is this? I'm sure there are other Britons who are much more Horrible---that chef guy who yells at people and the commie mayor of London come to mind without even thinking hard.

Of course, this country has its share of Horrible People. Mr. Trump and the large rodent on his head count for at least one and a half. Also, these days it seems, members of the major political party other than one's own.

Cthel said...

The best part of all the controversy is the way it seems to have been entirely manufactured by the media reporting of it.

Whilst there are supposed to be safeguards against selectively quoting people in an attempt to misrepresent their opinions, almost every report on the story uses the same quote ("striking public workers should be shot") and makes no mention of the context in which it was said. If you watch the clip, or read the transcript, Clarkson even states that the quote isn't his opinion.

For some reason, the only people who put this fact in their coverage is the BBC...