Thursday, 15 December 2011

Insane psychology

A psychologist wants members of Parliament to undergo annual mental health examines to make sure that they're fit to take their seats.

Translation:  A psychologist wants to establish a third house of Parliament made up of psychologists wielding absolute power over the other two.

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eon said...

One of the drawbacks of the psychiatric profession is that most of its members come to the inevitable conclusion that they are absolutely "sane", ergo anyone n any way different from them is, ipso facto, "insane".

Since many schools that teach psychology and psychiatry are chock-a-block with "progressives", they tend to look at anyone not on the "correct" side of the political spectrum as a likely candidate for a camisole, ECT, and a padded room. To "protect society" from their depredations, of course.

For real amusement, watch a typical psychiatrist who gets hired by a city to run psych evaluations on police officers. Of the several I have encountered, all but one held that anyone who wanted to possess a firearm, even in the line of duty, was a dangerous maniac. And that one considered cops to be on roughly the same moral level as pond scum.

My guess is this lot in the UK will not be too different. They'll probably be inspecting people's calves for evidence of brain tissue, and when they find what they think is cerebular material jut above the ankle will shout, "Aha! I knew it! You are a clone of Margaret Thatcher!"