Friday, 9 December 2011

Weather weapon

One reason why I have little truck with the global warming alarmists is that they fail to see a problem as an opportunity.  Man can alter the weather?  Make a weapon out of it, old boy.  Make a weapon out of it.

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eon said...

Before WW2, the Germans tried cloud-seeding with rockets. They got snow, too, which surprised everybody. I'd say that more snow is about the last thing Northern Europe needs, but then I'm from Ohio, and get fed up with winter about the middle of November.

A lot of the conspiracy buffs (Art Ford and Jim Marrs come to mind) believe that we've had this operational since the Eisenhower Administration. And some blame it for setting off AGW. (Which annoys those who want to blame Western Civilization as a whole for the latter.)

Going back to the Germans, during WW2 the Ahnenerbe toyed with the idea, but their theories of "weather control" were based on Hans Horbiger's "Eternal Ice" theory of cosmogony. (Later recycled in part by Immanuel Velikovsky and Zecharia Sitchin.)

Needless to say, it didn't work, but I'm all in favor of despots, dictators, and would-be world rulers wasting time, effort, and materiel' on pointless projects based on delusional pseudoscience. Especially if they're in the middle of a shooting war while they're doing it. It makes it a bit easier to defeat them.

No matter who tries it, it never seems to work above a purely limited, local level. I think it has something to do with just how much atmosphere there really is.

"The Butterfly Effect" only works in bad movies.