Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Card Radio

The ultimate triumph of marketing over sense:  Build an FM radio in a cardboard case like something out of the Soviet Union that won't last a week and sing it's "green" virtues until people are willing to cough up £25 for the wretched thing.  It isn't a bit of cheap tat slapped together in a Chinese garage and sold for two and a half times the price of a decent radio, it's "recyclable"!

That's like calling a Reliant Robin "safe" because it's certain to flip over before you hit another car.

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eon said...

This looks like something out of the DIY articles in Everyday Science and Mechanics back during the (last) Great Depression.

The idea then being that you could build it on the cheap, and not have to shell out $50 or so you didn't have for a store-bought one.

And oh yes, the ES&M version was to be built in a wooden case, not a cardboard Cracker Jacks box.