Friday, 23 December 2011

Space launches by year

Just in case you're curious.
Notice the massive bulge in Soviet launches during the Cold War.  A lot of pictures being snapped there.

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eon said...

I still maintain that this handily explains the so-called "Kecksburg, PA, UFO crash". Acorn-shaped, with a rim with weird lines on it (supposedly "runes"?), burnt bronze-colored, and made a semi-soft landing?

Sounds like the earth-return camera package of a Heavy Zond reconsat to me, complete with the inflatable landing cushion. My guess is the timer that was supposed to trigger the deorbit sequence hiccuped, and fired the retros either one orbit too early, or one too late. Bringing it down in PA instead of Kazakhstan.

It would explain the "government secrecy", too. If an example of your adversary's best cutting-edge tech literally falls into your lap, you don't want him to know you've got it. The whole "UFO" schtick was a cover story money couldn't buy. All the NRO, etc., had to do was shut up and let the UFO-nuts ramble on.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?