Sunday, 18 December 2011

Kim Jong Il dies

So ronery
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is dead.

The question remains whether his son is bat guano crazy enough to succeed him.

Update:  It annoys the heck out of me that he died in bed, but I console myself with the thought that maybe someone suffocated him with a pillow.


Anonymous said...

"Physical and mental over-exhaustion" translates in my Newspeak dictionary into "alcoholism".

eon said...

Yes, how "over-exhausted" can one get as the godhead of a state in which all he had to do to get anything he wanted was say "Get it"?

Of course, he could have shuffled off this mortal coil like Sgt. Esterhaus supposedly did in "Hill Street Blues".

I wonder if his "Joy Brigade" ill be at the state funeral?

As for Mini-Kim, my money is on him making his father and grandad look... almost normal. Just a feeling. (Not a good one.)