Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cheetah (1931-2011)

Like Marlon Brando, Cheetah was a keen ham radio enthusiast.
Cheetah has passed away at his retirement home at the age of 80.

This event will no doubt show the venal hypocrisy of Hollywood.  Here was a solid, journeyman actor; a true veteran of the golden age of film.  He left behind a respectable body of work including a a string of A-list pictures, got out while he was on top and dedicated his remaining years to simianitarian works by helping in a chimp sanctuary.  And what recognition did he get?  None.  No lifetime achievement award, no Oscar and no star on the Walk of Fame.  Heck, I'll bet that he doesn't even show up on TCM's annual retrospective of entertainers who passed during the year. Why?  Because Cheetah wasn't a player.  He didn't schmooze and get mixed up in the "celebrity" game.  He was a true artist who turned his back on the system with the dignity of a gentleman and they resented him for it.

 He was a chimp's chimp.

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