Monday, 19 December 2011

Back to the Anglosphere?

A flag I could get behind
At a dead run without a glance behind, if anyone has any sense.

I've always contended that the Anglosphere was a better starting point not just for a free trade zone between sovereign nations, but also as the core of a free-market democracy, invitation only free-trade zone and mutual defence pact replacement for the UN and NATO.  No micro states, free-loaders or dictators need apply.

Though, come to think of it, Churchill had the best idea of all back in the '30s: Unite the British Empire and the United States, then move the capital to New York.  But, we must look forward now.  Anglosphere, ho!


eon said...

I'm all for it. But (not to disrespect Sir Winston)let's move the capital to a place considerably more centralized and notably better stocked with level-headed people than present-day (deep blue) Manhattan.

Calgary, Alberta. Failing that, Pocatello, Idaho.




Sergej said...

A federation united by its low opinion of the French. I could go for that.