Monday, 6 February 2012

Still here

Visitors have been wondering why the postings have been so sparse lately.   It's a good question.  Fact is, I'm still here, but the past two months have been a succession of setbacks that we're just crawling out from under.  We've been through blizzards, power outages, a week-long Internet outage, visiting relatives, one car scrapped when the big end went and the other in the shop with a cracked fuel pump due to the"green" government's insistence on putting ethanol in the petrol leading to lovely ice in the fuel line.  Oh, and there's been a bout of sinus, a bit of minor surgery–not to mention car hunting to replace the dead Blazer.  The latter was particularly bothersome as being down to only one car meant that I had to play chauffeur for up to twelve hours a day.  Add on a load of lost deadlines because of all of the above and the postings had to take a back seat for a bit.

Anyway, the light's at the end of the tunnel or the eggs on the boil or whatever metaphor is apt, so these ramblings will get a bit more regular.

Knock wood.

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Gauss said...

You don't have to buy the fuel with the ethanol added, if it'll cause a cracked fuel pump and other problems at low temperature. Even Iowa, the corn state, doesn't require all the gasoline sold to have ethanol added. It just happens to be the cheapest 'cause of subsidies. Not by much, but still. I have no idea what the deal is in Washington state.